Support one another, a lesson we learn from a young age. As we get older, build families and careers, this does not change.

At The Fritter Shop, our family is our local community, our customers and our partners (and everyone else in between). We want the community around us to thrive! This is why we 110% support local partnerships and local entrepreneurs!

Chatting with our customers and neighbours at markets or seasonal fairs is our top priority (alongside creating delicious fritters). We know the importance of creating a great product and providing amazing customer service, but we also know that many of our customers have their own passions, businesses and/or side hustles.

With all this in mind, we want to do good, while doing well! We want to support you and support our local economy, all while creating the tastiest fritter.

What does LOCAL mean to you? We LOVE our #FritterFam and the family we have become!

The most amazing feeling is looking at our Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and receiving messages asking to collaborate and work together – and of course, chatting with our customers!  

Our local community has been unFREAKIN believable – and not just on social media!

Being apart of the community is more than simply offering you a delicious fritter, it is about supporting each other!

We thrive on creating a community. If you’re a local entrepreneur, we have one piece of advice for you:
Connect with your local community! Get out there, attend local events (there are SO MANY in London) and chat with entrepreneurs who are on the same journey.

Hey! Chat with us!

10 reasons why you should support your local community

  • Local character: Many unique shops, businesses, and spaces in our community!
  • Community well being
  • Local decision making: Important decisions will be made by those who live locally!
  • Jobs and wages
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public benefits and costs
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Product diversity
  • Competition: We’re all about healthy competition!

A fantastic local entrepreneur has created a directory of local shops in the area (including Farmers Markets!)

Check out Me & C’s directory: Shop 519

Partnership opens new pathways for both parties! Our goal is to increase the well-being of our local community and offer new opportunities, all while providing delicious fritters!

What does LOCAL mean to you?

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Our family business’ values haven’t changed from what made it a success in Amsterdam and we hope you enjoy eating our fritters as much as we enjoy making them. Order today!

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