What is a Fritter?

What is a Fritter?

What is a fritter you ask?
It’s what we make… and no it’s not a donut without the hole… Although we still love donuts!

But let’s get serious here… The question “What is a fritter?” has been asked many times and we LOVE this question. It’s an opportunity to tell our story and introduce our traditional Dutch fritters (with a twist) to YOU!

You may be curious about the twist… But keep reading and discover how we paired innovation with tradition to bring you our fritters at The Fritter Shop!

The Fritter Shop’s origin story began with traditional Dutch apple fritters, a pastry with apple filling, dusted with sugar powder and cinnamon.

There are two basic types of fritters: those made from dough (like ours!) and those that are taking something (such as a slice of apple) and dipping it in the batter – although this is not how we make our fritters, it is still a tasty treat!

Which came first? The dough or the batter? It’s hard to determine, but we have had success with our secret dough recipe.

Dough or batter?

We use to only make the traditional apple fritters (the most well-known flavour), but we knew we could do more! With our choice of dough over batter, we have the ability to experiment with other ingredients! Thus our flavour story was born. We now have many innovative flavours, which is why we always get asked: “What is a fritter?”. Not many people have experienced the delicious flavours such as cherry, blueberry, lemon or brownie in the form of a fritter. 

Well, we are here to introduce them to you!

With new flavour ideas, we wanted to spice up the shape a little bit! Why not create a shape for each flavour. Who can say no to a heart-shaped lemon fritter? YUM!

If apple is not the ideal flavour for you, you can now choose from so many options (Trust us! Options are not a bad thing!).

Not sure which flavour to order the next time you stop by? Give an assortment a try. We promise we won’t judge if you take a bite out of each!

Learn more about The Fritter Shop in our first blog post!


If you could have ANY flavour fritter what would it be?
Welcome to The Fritter Shop

Welcome to The Fritter Shop

Welcome to The Fritter Shop.
We’re so excited to have you here!

Did you stumble upon our first blog post because you’ve tried our product and fell madly in LOVE with it or because you’re interested in learning more about The Fritter Shop, our beginnings, and future plans? It’s ok if it’s both and no one will judge if you’re secretly addicted to our fritters…

Either way, we’re ecstatic to have you here to enjoy The Fritter Shop story.

The Beginning

Before we jump into The Fritter Shop’s story…
Who is Kelvin?

– A graduate of the business program at Fanshawe College
– A fritter guru with big dreams
– Charismatic conversationalist with a love for making connections and meeting new people (don’t ever be afraid to say hello!) and of course,
– The CEO and founder of The Fritter Shop!

The Beginning… Continued

As a recent graduate from Fanshawe College with big dreams, Kelvin opened The Fritter Shop and it took off in full force! Turning a successful St. Thomas mom and pop Dutch Bakery into an innovative business with sought-after desserts.

“Have you ever thought of taking over the bakery one day?”

The Dutch Bakery’s apple fritters were a success, but Kelvin saw an opportunity to expand! He imagined doing things a little differently. A little more fritter-ish, with local suppliers.

With the family’s secret dough recipe in his back pocket, he began to experiment in the bakery. Not Frankenstein experiment, but Einstein experiment.

And experiment he did… not only with apples, but with lemons, berries and to switch things up, brownies (we may be biased, but the brownie fritters are to die for!)

“I take pride in The Fritter Shop and trying to be innovative”
– Kelvin Van Rijn

With local partners, family support and welcomed feedback, Kelvin successfully expanded the fritter flavours to 13 (and still growing!). You can’t forget the seasonal pumpkin spice fritter.

The Middle (fruit-filled middle!)

With new branding, new flavours and new opportunities, The Fritter Shop began to expand and so did its customers.

Don’t fret, we’re not perfect… there were certainly bumps along the road. As an entrepreneur, you have to take risks. The best opportunities are the ones outside your comfort zone! The important take away is to be proactive, not reactive.

“Don’t be afraid to take the risk and go for it, but do your research”
– Kelvin Van Rijn

As Kelvin took risks, welcomed failures and learned from them he created a product and a brand that people love.

Everyone wanted fritters, at parties, business events, in the office (your coworkers will love you forever!) or on a Saturday stroll through the Western Fair Farmers Market.

They’re great for every occasion and delicious for all ages. A fritter a day keeps the doctor away… or is that only apples?

The Continuation
What’s next for The Fritter Shop?

There are a ton of great plans for The Fritter Shop in 2018 and the team can’t wait to share them with you in person, on social media and now on our blog!

We love our #fritterfam (don’t forget to tag us!)

Join the #fritterfam by posting and sharing your fritter love on social media! @frittershop

We have tons of ideas for upcoming blog posts, but what would you like to read from The Fritter Shop team?

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Our family business’ values haven’t changed from what made it a success in Amsterdam and we hope you enjoy eating our fritters as much as we enjoy making them. Order today!

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