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Where to Find the Fritter Shop This Summer

For some, summer is a time for relaxation, venturing outdoors, and recharging after a long winter. For us at the Fritter Shop, summer is one of our busiest times of the year! It’s GO GO GO all summer long! From the shop to the markets to all the events in between,...

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The Fritter Shop Offers Delivery!

Knock knock! Who’s there? It’s The Fritter Shop dropping off your delivery order! You read that right! We now offer delivery *cue applause* We’ve heard your requests for a delivery service loud and clear. Well, now it’s finally here! When we first made the...

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#FrittersGiveBack X Canadian Cancer Society

Fritter Fam! We’ve been working on a special partnership that is near and dear to our hearts, and is sure to hit close to home for many of you! We’re partnering with the Canadian Cancer Society to raise funds in support of their local London branch! During the month...

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Let’s Get Saucy

Do you have a thing for sauces? Because we do! With fries, it's ketchup… When you buy a bag of tortilla chips, you MUST have salsa… Carrots and ranch dressing... Everyone has their favourite type of sauce. Something to spice up a snack every once in a while. Fritters...

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Introducing… Our Vegan Fritter

You asked for it, so we made it. Introducing... our new vegan fritter! We love hearing from our customers’ and over the last year, we've received a ton of requests for vegan-friendly fritters. So, what took us so long?   Well, the answer is pretty simple – we...

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Sugar, Ice and Everything Nice!

What’s your favourite part about the Holidays? Is it staying in cozied up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book, getting messy in the kitchen decorating gingerbread men, or spending valuable time with your loved ones? It’s hard to pick a favourite activity, but no...

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Welcome Back to School

Your school bag is packed, your brand-new outfit is picked out, and your lunch box is in the fridge – you’re ready for your first day back at school... We’re nostalgic at The Fritter Shop about back to school. Whether you’re in elementary, high school, college,...

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Fritter vs. Donut

You’re standing in line at your favourite coffee shop. The sugar craving has hit you like a big truck. You’re itching for a delicious baked good, with fruity flavours. You finally reach the front of the line, but you’re stuck.

Should you get a fritter or a donut?

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The 2017 Modern Christmas Market

Flashback to The 2017 Modern Christmas Market  Hosted by: The Modern Mom Show Update: We will be attending The Modern Mom Show in June 2018! Get your tickets now! In 2017, there were a 1000 and 1-holiday markets in London! Night markets, day markets, pop-up markets,...

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Our family business’ values haven’t changed from what made it a success in Amsterdam and we hope you enjoy eating our fritters as much as we enjoy making them. Order today!

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