The Fritter Shop’s Guide to Holiday Baking

The Fritter Shop’s Guide to Holiday Baking

What do pumpkin patches, apple orchards and Arva flour mill have in common? They are just a few of the necessary and amazing locally available ingredients needed for a successful and cheery holiday baking season!

The holiday season is here! Which for the bakers among us, means its time to don our aprons, open our cookbooks and make a BIG floury baking scene (a regular occurrence at The Fritter Shop)! But, before you start to whip up a fresh apple pie or your favourite holiday treat, set the stage for success with a holiday baking plan and of course, a few volunteer taste testers!

Here are our top 5 holiday baking season tips to make this year’s kitchen projects as fun and full of holiday cheer as possible.


1. Holiday To-Bake List

Save all your favourite Pinterest recipes, grab your favourite cookbooks, pour yourself a cup of hot apple cider and make a list of all the delicious things you want to bake this year! Narrow down the list by considering time constraints, cost of ingredients, family favourites and skill level required! Check out our blog post, Five Fritter Recipes You Need In Your Life, for some delicious fritter-inspired recipes (including warm fritters paired with dulce de leche ice cream!


2. Make It Look Pretty

Take your holiday desserts and festive table to the next level by using baker’s twine, mason jars, or tags and labels! At The Fritter Shop, we love brown kraft packaging for its natural look and environmentally friendly features!


3. Clean, Clean and Clean Some More!

Who doesn’t LOVE a clean kitchen?! It makes it way easier to find all your ingredients and have the space to make a new mess…and we need a TON of space to roll out our fritter dough! Also, as a part of cleaning, check your ingredients. Toss any expired ingredients or last years holiday baking powder and baking soda, as their rising powers have likely disappeared!


4. Inspire Your Own Mini Chef In Training

 Some of our favourite memories come from cooking in the kitchen with the family, especially around the holidays. Inspire the tiny baker in your children by letting them get in on the action. A mini apron and a few cooking utensils will make them feel like it’s the real deal! Let them help measure out ingredients or tell them a story about the baking process!


5. Taste Test (Need We Say More?)

The absolute best part about baking is seeing and tasting the deliciously baked product YOU made! If the baked goods are going to be given as gifts, you may even want to make that first batch for your family, so you can perfect the recipe!

If you find yourself running out of time before your big event or you simply just want to be a taste tester rather than a baker, we have you covered this holiday season! From the classic apple fritter to the pumpkin fritter, The Fritter Shop will make sure your Holiday party is fritter-licious!  

Happy Baking, Fritter Fam!

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Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to School

Your school bag is packed, your brand-new outfit is picked out, and your lunch box is in the fridge – you’re ready for your first day back at school…

We’re nostalgic at The Fritter Shop about back to school. Whether you’re in elementary, high school, college, university or even parents sending your kids off to school, this time of year is always highly anticipated.

We always get excited and feel the buzz of back to school excitement. This is especially true since we’re on campus at Western University for their weekly market on Tuesdays and get to see all the excited faces on campus!

The nostalgia sets in as we bake our fritters in the morning and are reminded of school activities, field trips, and dare we say it recess fun!

The classic Apple fritter reminds us of school field trips on the bus to the apple orchard to pick fresh apples. The best part was eating all the fresh apples right off the tree. Plus, this is where we found our favourite apple, the Ida Red, which we use in our fritters today from a local orchard in Blenheim, Ontario!

Our Nutella and Brownie fritters remind us of sharing snacks with friends during lunch time. Can you recall the endless trades that took place with our favourite snacks (or ones mom/dad didn’t pack in our lunch boxes)? Once lunch was over, we were back in our classrooms, meeting new teachers, making new friends and if we were lucky, we left on the first day without homework!

Raise your hand if you could be found in the library with a box of brownie fritters? No judgement!

After school, snacks were the BEST! School sure does make you work up a real appetite. Our Blueberry, Peach and Raspberry fritters remind us of a platter of fresh fruit after a tiring day at school.

It may even remind us of the mix we had in our drinks when we hit Barney’s after class!

After dinner, we would all sit around the table as a family, share desserts and chat about our first day back to school. Can you guess what dessert we had?!  If you guessed fritters, you were right! It was the best way to end the first day back to school, with fritters, friends, and family.

What did you or do you love most about back to school?


The Fritter Shop’s Favourite Dutch Desserts

The Fritter Shop’s Favourite Dutch Desserts

Although fritters are the best Dutch dessert, they certainly aren’t the only delightful option!

Dubbed the world’s pastry power, the Dutch have many delicious recipes that have been passed down for generations. These recipes have truly stood the test of time and are still enjoyed today! Trust us when we say, it is hard to have just one.

Here are five of our favourite Dutch desserts.

Stroopwafels – Dutch Caramel Waffle Cookies

Stroopwafels literally translates to syrup waffle. Best served hot, this sweet snack is made from two thin waffle cookies and a sticky syrup filling in the middle. First made in the town of Gouda in the Netherlands in the 18th century from baker’s leftovers, such as breadcrumbs, spices and syrup, this sweet snack is renowned around the globe! Stroopwafels are best eaten with coffee or tea. Next time you have a stroopwafel, try placing the round disc on top of your mug and let the steam soften and warm the stroopwafel!

If you are visiting Amsterdam you can find freshly made stroopwafels at Amsterdam street markets like Albert Cuypmarkt and Noordermarkt.

Local tip – if you buy a hot stroopwafel, don’t hold it vertically while eating it, as the warm syrup will slide out of the waffle!

The Fritter Shop’s Favourite Dutch Desserts

Speculaas – Dutch Spiced Cookies

There is a big chance that you have already tried speculaas, as the well known ‘windmill cookie’, but did you know it came from the Netherlands?

Speculaas is made with a mixture of spices including, cinnamon, mace, cloves, ginger, pepper, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and anise. Traditionally, a certain amount of this prepared spice is added to the dough mixture. The dough is then pressed into moulds and voila, you have the subtle, but deliciously spiced windmill cookie!

The Fritter Shop’s Favourite Dutch Desserts

Poffertjes – Small, Fluffy Pancakes

Similar to the North American style pancake in consistency and taste, a poffertjes is a tiny pancake made using yeast and buckwheat flour. The poffertjes are prepared using a pan with shallow indentations to hold batter and make perfectly puffed small pancakes. Traditionally, they are served with powdered sugar and butter, however, sometimes they are eaten with other toppings including, stroop (syrup), slagroom (whipped cream) or aardbeien (strawberries). These can be found all over Amsterdam and the Netherlands at markets and street corners. Access to delicious desserts all the time…dangerous, right?!

The Fritter Shop’s Favourite Dutch Desserts

Drop – Salty Liquorice.

Unlike North American licorice, which is red and sweet, dutch dropjes are black and salty

You may be wondering, how are you even considering this a dessert..salty black licorice?! While in fact, the Netherlands has the highest licorice consumption per capita in the world and drop is enjoyed by many for dessert! Plus, drop comes in all flavours and sizes!

The Fritter Shop’s Favourite Dutch Desserts

Tompoes or Mille-Feuille Pastry

Similar to a Napoleon in the USA, a Tompoe is a delicious pastry with two layers of puff pastry, filled with sweet yellow vanilla pastry cream and has a very smooth and very sweet layer of icing on top. Typically, the icing is pink, however on days like the King’s birthday, the icing will be found to be bright orange! This Dutch pastry is usually served with coffee or tea in the morning, late afternoon or at birthdays.

If you have ever eaten a mille-feuille, you know it is quite complicated to stay clean and classy while eating them. Tompoes are the exact same! They are usually served on a small plate with a small fork, but the brittle pastry makes it near impossible to eat a piece in a dignified way! Crumbs everywhere!

The Fritter Shop’s Favourite Dutch Desserts

What is your favourite Dutch dessert?

Is it stroopwafel or tompoes? Speculaas or poffertjes?
Oh, wait…we know what your favourite dessert is…it’s FRITTERS!

Fritter Shop Flamingles at The Modern Mom Show – Palm Springs Edition!

Fritter Shop Flamingles at The Modern Mom Show – Palm Springs Edition!

What do flamingos, fantastic vendors and fritters have in common?

They were spotted at The Modern Mom Show!

The Modern Mom Show is a one-of-a-kind, modern and stylish event! With ultra-trendy baby clothing, essentials for mom, on-trend home décor and treats to satisfy all your cravings, this show is, in a word, REMARKABLE!

If you have attended The Modern Mom Show or The Modern Christmas Market in the past, then you knew this show was going to be the absolute best – Instagram-worthy, on-trend décor, talented vendors, and the BEST customers! With the new location, Western Fair Agriplex, this show was even bigger and better than the last few (if that is even possible because they were phenomenal too!).

Check out the vendor list here!

The Modern Mom Show – Minimalist Palm Springs Edition was SO perfect. Here are a few of our favourite highlights from the show.  

When you first walked into the Agriplex, you felt like you had been transported to a Palm Springs market! With tons of green plants, gold-framed lounge areas strung with white linen curtains, giant letter boards and pops of bright colour, the visual when you first entered was a show stopper!

Friday Night Overview

The Friday night was the Twilight, stroller free market from 6pm-10pm. The anticipation was high and the line up at the front door of the Agriplex was huge! Our booth was crazy busy, after all, it was Fritter Friday! Plus, we were beside the coffee… enough said! The perfect way to enjoy a twilight stroll – fritters and coffee in hand! We sold our last half dozen fritters on the Friday five minutes before 10:00 pm!

Saturday Overview

TMMS started on Saturday at 10:00 am! Since the day was a bit longer, we were able to walk around and see all the incredible vendors. This is our second show and it still amazes us how many talented entrepreneurs we have locally! Also, our newest fritter flavour, the s’mores, was a huge hit on the Saturday and sold out before lunch. We loved seeing photos and videos of your little’s enjoying their fritters!

Want to give our s’mores fritter a try? Order some for pick up online!

We have to say – our customers are the best, saying “Thank you” is never enough! We are so grateful for all the support. This really is an amazing community and we could not have done The Modern Mom Show without all of YOU. Thank you to each and every person who came to our booth for a fritter or two… or three boxes?

A huge thank you to those who worked tirelessly to make this event come to life. The Modern Mom Show team – you outdid yourself with this show and we are so excited to hear the next show date announcement!

Are you a mom, dad, super hip grandma or grandpa? You must check out the Modern Mom Show Vendor list. It is an incredible overview of local businesses who have adorable baby, mom and family essentials!

Did you attend? Are you as excited as we are for the next show?!

We will see you at the Christmas show, November 24 – 25! Will you be there?


The Fritter Shop’s Guide To Our Summer Events

The Fritter Shop’s Guide To Our Summer Events

London is a beautiful city, packed with hidden gems. In the summer, the forest city really lives up to its name. The forest city of Summer markets! We’re here to provide you with some great markets and events that you can purchase fritters at!

May 11: Masonville Market Opens
Come Say hello! We are open for 2018 Season!!
Photo credit: Masonville Market Facebook

When the Masonville Farmers Market opens, you know summer is on the horizon. Give the grocery store a skip and pick up some local, fresh produce in the sunshine. Find a variety of local vendors outside of Masonville Mall, every Friday from 8 am to 1 pm. (Also, we’re there. So pick up some fritters.)

May 12th: Horton Farmers’ Market
Officially open in St. Thomas!

Horton’s Farmers Market is new to us this year and is located in St. Thomas! It’s a gathering place to buy fresh, local produce, socialize and experience community, it has been a part of the St. Thomas community and local culture since 1878 (WOW!). If you’re in the area or driving through on a Saturday, come on by and say “hello!”

June 8th and 9th: The Modern Mom Show

Photo credit: The Modern Mom Show

Calling all moms and dads! The Modern Mom Show is here to provide a luxe, one-of-a-kind shopping experience for all parents. Find unique gifts, gadgets, treats, and eats at this awesome show. (Plus, we’ll be there. Selling fritters. So now you have to come).

June 19th: Western University Farmers Market

Pick up some fresh produce and locally sourced treats at the Western University Farmer’s Market. Pros: it’s easy to get to via public transport, the campus is beautiful in the summer, and we’ll be there selling you some delicious fritters.

Follow our fritter story around this Summer and keep up to date on our social media accounts!

Which market do you enjoy?


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